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JennQuest 2022 Year in Review

Jenn Montague, leadership coach, sitting at a glass table and writing

It's been a busy year here at JennQuest! We hope that you've had a 2022 full of personal development and progress toward your goals.

Over the course of 2022, we hosted our monthly Book Club and Masterminds, continued Coaching and work in Social+Emotional Intelligence, spoke at several events, and launched our Leap2Leadership online course!

We also posted a weekly blog to share some of our knowledge with you to help you develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills necessary to be successful. Having a weekly blog can feel daunting and it did feel that way at the beginning of 2022 - we're especially excited about achieving a year of consistent blogs that will support you on your journey.

As we finish out the year, we wanted to recap our blog posts and monthly themes in one easy to access post. Catch up on any posts you may have missed, or go back to reread a favorite.

*Denotes one of our top 5 most popular posts of the year

January - Making Bold Moves

In January, we kicked off the year with our 10 Days to Your Best Year Ever series. This series was designed to help you plan for the upcoming year and make it your best ever! We read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes as our book club pick.

10 Days to Your Best Year Ever Day 1: Declutter Day 2: Reflection

February - Leading from the Heart

In February, we focused on finding self-love and using our heart instead of just our head when leading. Our book club pick was The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

March - Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

For March, we wanted to help everyone begin to take steps toward the growth decided upon in January. The only way to grow is to step outside of your comfort zone. For the book club, we read Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler, and Emily Gregory.

April - Becoming More Aware

April was all about awareness of ourselves and others. Emotional awareness is a key component of Social+Emotional intelligence - without it, you'll struggle to understand your own actions and the actions of others. Our book club pick was Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown.

May - Pursuing Possibilities

What are your dreams and goals? They are possible with the right mindset and planning! May was all about helping you make those dreams a reality, especially for anyone considering starting their own business. We read Dear Female Founder: 66 Letters of Advice from Women Entrepreneurs Who Have Made $1 Billion in Revenue edited by Lu Li.

June - Mindset Reset

As we reached the halfway point of the year and entered summer, we took a little time to reset and refocus. It's a good idea to check in to see what's working and where changes need to be made. For the book club, we read The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich by Suh Yoon Lee and Jooyun Hong.

July - Making Time for Renewal

In July, we took some much needed time to rest and renew for the second half of the year. Our book club pick was The Headspace Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness by Andy Puddicombe.

August - Finding Your Balance

Once "vacation" time was over, it was back to work on personal development in August. Keeping in mind our need for self-care discussed over the summer, we focused on how to find balance in your life. Our book club book was Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

September - Nourish Your Mind

With balance in mind, we focused on growth and learning in September. How can you best nourish your mind? For the book club, we read Read to Lead by Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski.

October - Embracing Your Emotions

For October, we worked on embracing and managing our emotions. Emotions aren't a bad thing and can actually be a benefit as a leader. Our book club choice was Emotional Agility by Susan David.

November - Practicing FeedForward

In November, as we neared the end of the year, we talked about beginning to take stock of where you are and how to give and receive feedback and feedforward. We read Let's Talk: Make Effective Feedback Your Superpower by Therese Huston.

December - Appreciate the Journey

Finally, in December, we focus on taking time to reflect on the past year and appreciate all of the lessons we have learned, despite the twists and turns of life. Our book for the month is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

What's Next?

We're currently planning for 2023 and we're super excited about what it already holds and the potential we see for JennQuest and how we can help our clients and readers such as you.

Here are two ways we can support you in your planning process for an Amazing 2023:

We look forward to having you continue to read our weekly blog in the next year! Let us know what you'd like to learn about or if you have a theme you want us to include next year. Become a site member and share your comments below.

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