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Hi, I'm Jenn Montague!

Hi, I’m Jenn Montague. Consider me your chief guide on your quest for personal and professional growth. After over 20 years in the financial services industry, I started JennQuest to support the growth and success of women leaders and female entrepreneurs. 


After fighting to get the recognition and roles I had earned, I want to help other women make it to the top. I believe every woman has the ability to be a leader. I’m here to help you uncover the skills and strengths to make your goals a reality. 


My greatest joy is helping others achieve the career and the life that they want and deserve. Through leadership training with a focus on social + emotional intelligence, I help individuals and organizations generate lasting impact through improved results.

Meet Jenn

Whether you’re…

  • A woman considering leadership and not sure where to start

  • In your first leadership role and feeling overwhelmed

  • An experienced leader needing guidance 

  • In a position to start helping others lead


...or somewhere in-between, JennQuest has the program to help you succeed. We offer personalized leadership coaching, emotional intelligence training, group coaching experiences, customized training, and more. 


I will work with you and your organization to create the program  that will help you build a bridge from where you are to where you desire. I take the time to work with each of my clients to understand their specific needs and goals. 

Here are a few of my credentials:


  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Education 

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Graduated with Honors from Maryland Banking School 

  • John C. Maxwell Certified Coach 

  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®


I believe that we can make each day what we want. It’s YOUR day, make it a masterpiece! 

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JennQuest Purpose & Values

JennQuest Purpose & Values


Provide quality learning and development programs to

individuals and organizations that

generate lasting impact through improved results.  

We maintain integrity and provide for transparency in the creation and delivery of training and development initiatives.
We are committed emotionally and intellectually to delivering the highest quality programs and providing support to clients. 

We continue to stretch beyond the comfort zone to deliver innovative services and keep up with changing client needs. 
We invest in lifelong learning, personal development, and education not only for our clients, but for ourselves. 

We continually gain subject matter expertise and study the industries served to provide the highest quality service possible. 
We are deeply dedicated to the cause of women’s leadership and bring that enthusiasm to each client and group we work with. 

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