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10 Days to Your Best Year Ever - Day 7: Goals

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Today is the day for you to set your goals! Now that you’ve had time over the past several days to consider what is most important to you and the areas where you need to grow, it’s time to actually sit down and plan out your goals.

It’s one thing to think about your goals, but you’re more likely to achieve your goals when you explicitly write them down in detail. It makes it easier to review exactly what you had in mind when you originally set the goal and writing something down is a signal to our brains to remember this important thought.

As you are considering what your goals should be, look back at the exercises from the previous posts in our 10 Days to Your Best Year Ever series. You can look over your values/purpose, growth areas you highlighted, and even the reflections on the previous year to see where you most want to improve your life.

An open journal on a desk with the title "Goals" written at the top

There are dozens of useful goal setting methods out there for you to choose from. Many of you are a probably already familiar with the SMART framework for goal setting, which is my personal favorite.

The framework includes the following:

  • Specific – the goal is narrow, not broad

  • Measurable – progress can be measured

  • Actionable – tangible activities can be attached

  • Relevant – makes sense with your annual focus and the area in which you plan to grow

  • Time-Bound – there is a determined time frame in which to achieve the goal

Example Goal: Read 36 books on leadership development and/or personal growth by the end of the year.

This goal has a specific number of books to read, progress is measurable by creating a checklist or spreadsheet as I read the books, its associated action is reading the books, it’s relevant because I want to grow my knowledge in leadership development and personal growth, and it’s time-bound to be completed by the end of this year.

Other models use Attainable for the A which, in my opinion, sets the bar too low. Michael Hyatt has expanded the framework to be SMARTER™ and incorporates the elements of Exciting and Risky.

His additions work well within the concept of setting true stretch goals because risk is involved when you are out of your comfort zone. Goals that are exciting and connect with your foundational values and purpose, and align with your intentions for the year will keep you motivated, therefore more likely to be achieved.

Now that you know how to set effective goals, write down 7-10 goals that you want to achieve over the next year. Any more than that and you’ll be spreading your focus too thin.

Now that you have your goals written down, put them in a place where you can see them and review them frequently. This will help keep your actions focused on moving forward with meeting your goals.

Another good tip is to share your goals with a family member, friend, or mentor who can provide encouragement and accountability. Sharing your goals will also make it feel more “official” and motivate you to meet them.

Growing and improving yourself is hard work, so don’t forget to celebrate when you reach milestones within your goals to reward yourself.

If you are looking for a group of like-minded people to help push you forward, check out my Intentional Growth Club on Facebook for year-round support and encouragement.

Join me again tomorrow as we cover Day 8 of Your Best Year Ever – Motivation.

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