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How to Rebound

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Over the last few months, we've been practicing our pivot and working on our courage muscle. What does it take to rebound? Everyone's bounce back potential is different.

Hope is essential for the Rebound. This shows up in the Rebound process as Belief. There are 3 Beliefs I believe everyone needs to rebound well.

Belief in Possibilities

Pre-crises you were on a journey that included seeing some amazing possibilities. You might have begun the year with creating a vision board or picking your word for the year. You signed up for possibilities and you were committed. You could see opportunities that had not yet been seized or achieved. To rebound - you need to believe in those possibilities again or see new opportunities that have been created even in a time of crisis.

Belief in Yourself

Pre-crises we all had moments of self-doubt. It's part of the process when you're regularly stretching outside your comfort zone. Covid-19 and the world as it is today may have increased those doubts. How do you begin to believe in yourself again? You revisit your kudos file, testimonials, letters from clients and maybe a letter or note you've written to yourself. Whether you have these things or not - I encourage you to gather with friends [those that have your back] and have a praise party. The intent being that everyone comes with an offering of praise for every attendee. 🙌

Belief in YOUR Purpose

Now more than ever this is the time to get reconnected to YOUR Why. It's personal - it's your own belief that there is a real reason you're here, have the gifts you've been given, completed the education or pursued growth in a certain field or nurtured your talents. As it has been said countless ways before by many - If you know your Why, you know your Way. Clarity of purpose gets you focused and energizes you to face new challenges. Reconnect with your Why today.

After we begin to believe - we still need one more element - ACTION. Belief gets you going - Implementing your plan or strategy produces the Rebound. If you're an Entrepreneur, join me to plan your Rebound.

On June 25th, join me and 6 other Entrepreneurs & Experts that work with Small Businesses for a 1-Day Virtual Summit. We have sessions on Mindset, communicating your Story, Sales, Marketing & the essential pieces of Legal & Finance that drive small biz success. Join us and create the action plan to make your Second Half of 2020 a Success! Be sure to check out everything you receive by adding the All Access Pass.

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