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A day designed for YOU 

by Entrepreneurs & Small Biz Owners

Below is the Schedule as it occurred on June 25th - the LIVE Virtual Summit for Entrepreneurs


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Honing Your Entrepreneur Mindset with Jenn Montague

As an Entrepreneur you lead yourself.  How effectively you self-lead determines the outcome - the success of your business.  In this opening session, Jenn will help you get your mind ready for a day of learning and growing to lead yourself through the 2nd Half of 2020.  You'll gain clarity on the result you want for yourself & the result your clients desire.  You'll set yourself up for a Successful 2nd Half by working on your mindset.  



Round 1 Speed Networking*



Get To The Damn Point with Lewis D. Chaney  

How to stop eating up minutes and going back for seconds

You can be a more polished speaker and presenter and be more efficient and effective doing it. Engaging your audience through powerful storytelling and speaking skills can be the difference between making and breaking deals.  In this session, you'll learn techniques to be more efficient & effective as a presenter.


Round 2 Speed Networking*



Demystifying the Sales Process with Trish Lee

Being a business owner or entrepreneur, you may not have experience with sales. If you do, it may be working in a retail store or restaurant. Often, entrepreneurs and business owners come up with stellar ideas and expect it to sell itself. That often isn't the case, but where do you go from there?

In this session, we will walk through the sales process and lift the veil to reveal a step-by-step process that will help demystify the sales process. Taking you from finding the clients to closing the deal. You will walk away with an understanding of what goes into the selling process, and real actionable next steps.



LUNCH Time Breakouts*

You'll have an opportunity before Summit day to pre-select the session that will help you and your business the most.  The All Access Pass will include recordings of all the breakout sessions so you don't miss out.


Legal Pathway with Leigh Perry

Thinking about starting a business, re-launching, or re-energizing an existing endeavor?

Join this dynamic presenter to learn more about:

  • WHAT is a legal question?

  • WHICH ones to ask WHEN?

  • How to cost EFFECTIVELY get your legal questions ANSWERED.

You will leave with a road map to start-up, a tip sheet for re-launch, and recommended resources to re-energize and achieve success.

Calm & Connected: Stretch it Out & Pull it In with Nina Bambina

In this breakout session, you will start by stretching out your body to be more open and receptive physically and emotionally. Once you are relaxed and grounded,  Nina will lead you through a guided visualization to send your ideal clients energetic invitations full of love, excitement, and gratitude, and pull in their energetic responses filled with the same positive intentions.

Working with Words that Work with Trish Lee

Expand your sales skills during this break-out session.  


How Do I Get to the Damn Point? with Lewis D. Chaney

Expand your presentation skills during this break-out session.


How to Market Your Business & Yourself with Mackenzie Schmidt

As a business owner or entrepreneur marketing can be very overwhelming. Mackenzie will walk you through the basics as well as some intermediate marketing tips and tricks. Do you have questions about Facebook and having a business page? Do you wonder if having a website is a smart business decision for your company? Do you want to know more about social media advertising? Mackenzie will cover ways to get found online and reach your potential customers. 



Round 3 Speed Networking*



Does Knowing My Numbers Really Matter? with Annette Szobar

No one goes into business to crunch numbers all day……unless you're an accounting professional!   Yet, numbers are crucial for start-ups through seasoned businesses.  In this session find out why you need to know your numbers and learn about some great tracking methods.   Annette will also provide you with some common items that businesses should track. 



Round 4 Speed Networking*



Panel Discussion with the Presenters

We'll use the remainder of our time together answering as many questions as we can in the time allotted.  

We recommend getting the All Access Pass for advance interaction with the Presenters

and to participate in the Discussion Forum during the 3rd Quarter for additional guidance.

*Optional Sessions although highly encouraged.  You will automatically be placed in a breakout room for the 15 Minute Speed Networking Sessions and you may choose your participation level.  


Valued over $500

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Jenn Montague

Strategy Power Hour Session

Strategize for an hour on what you need to have a Successful 2nd Half:

gain clarity on next steps, tackle a challenge or discuss sytems, processes + more.

Lewis D. Chaney

Costly Business Problem No One Ever Notices eBook

Trish Lee

Sales Salvation 30-Minute Consultation

Leigh Perry

30-Minute Consultation

Will Questionnaire, the Stages of Life booklet and Forms App

90 Days of LegalShield MemberPerks for Non-Members

Nina Bambina

30-Minute Healing Energy Consultation

to free you from the grip of painful beliefs & behaviors

Mackenzie Schmidt

 a Digital Presence Assessment 

which will show SEO, Directory listings, Facebook likes, and our recommendations


a 45-Minute Consultation 


Annette Szobar

Digital Cash Flow Worksheet & Income/Expense Tracking Worksheet

Presenter Bonuses

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In 2016, Jenn Montague relocated to Evansville and established her Coaching & Consulting firm, JennQuest.  Through JennQuest, Jenn pursues her personal quest of adding value to others by creating and leading quality learning and development programs which generate lasting impact through improved results.  Jenn's greatest joy is helping others design the careers and life they desire.  Prior to 2016, Jenn spent over 20 years in the financial services industry and has nearly a decade of senior leadership experience.  She has her MBA, is a Certified Social+Emotional Intelligence Coach® and a Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker.  Jenn offers 1:1 Coaching, Leadership & Employee Development Training, Lunch-N-Learns, Workshops, Masterminds and Online Learning.  She believes you can make each day what you want. 

It's YOUR Day, Make it a Masterpiece! 

 Learn more about Jenn & JennQuest  

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Over the course of a long, award-winning career, Lewis Chaney has told tens of thousands of stories in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Advertising, and Independent Film, working with everyone from the homeless to the rich and famous. In addition, he has trained over 100 journalists and photojournalists, is a TEDX alumni and award winning speaker.

 As a Business Storytelling Consultant and Public Speaking Coach, he can make you a better communicator in whatever you do and help you put more meat in your meetings, saving time and making money. 

Learn More about Lewis 

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Trish Lee is the President and founder of Time Salvation, a business consulting firm that works with small business owners and entrepreneurs in the area of operational support since 2010.  She is a 20-year veteran with experience in project and business management. Her work with small business owners and entrepreneurs over the last 10 years has led to numerous increases in productivity and profitability. In 2020, Time Salvation launched their new Sales Salvation program based on the SELLect Selling Method, which helps small business owners and entrepreneurs who find themselves in a lead sales position.

Learn more about Trish and Time Salvation



Leigh Perry is an accomplished professional with more than 30 years of experience, she has a varied background working for Fortune 100s, non-profit organizations and the public sector. She is currently the Regional Manager of the Evansville market for LegalShield, a company that helps bring legal assistance, identity protection and peace of mind to individuals, families and small businesses. 


She has stayed very active in civic and professional organizations on the local, district and national levels. A certified mentor and facilitator, Leigh has served as a keynote speaker, session leader, and facilitator on more than 70 college and university campuses in North America, and numerous state and national conferences. Her topics have included identity theft, team building, effectively utilizing personality profiles, incorporating change, leadership, managing volunteers and annual giving.

Learn more about Leigh and LegalShield

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Nina Bambina has a Ph.D. in sociology and is a certified yoga teacher who is trained in Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, and Reiki. Dr. Bambina received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in the city of New York and was the director of the honors program and assistant professor of sociology at the University of Southern Indiana for 9 years. She then took yoga teacher training at Evansville Power Yoga and earned her RYS200 certification in November of 2017. Nina first learned about energy work during yoga teacher training. As a medical sociologist, who had done yoga for 20 years, she was immediately drawn to this modality that brought together these two worlds. She started her first energy work training in March of 2018 and began seeing clients in May of that year. She has gone on to be trained in three different energy modalities, which gives her the flexibility to customize sessions to her clients’ needs. In her business, Energy 4 Serenity, Nina uses her knowledge and training of energy work to help her clients clear physical and emotional blocks for healing. She also teaches yoga, runs online masterclasses, workshops, and retreats. In response to the current situation, she and her 13-year-old son created Happy on the Inside, a Facebook Group to help people find their joy and make peace with their sadness, during this challenging time. They would love for you to join them on Happy on the Inside!

Learn more about Nina &  Energy 4 Serenity



Mackenzie Schmidt is the Regional Digital Specialist for Townsquare Media. She has been in media for 6 years and specialized in digital advertising for 5 of those. She is a 2015 Grad from the University of Southern Indiana and majored in Advertising and Public Relations. She was born and raised in the tri-state and is passionate about helping local business owners.

Learn more about Mackenzie & Townsquare



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As a business owner and professional, Annette Szobar has worked with small businesses for over 25 years.  The former owner of a wholesale business, Annette understood the importance of good accounting practices and knew that accurate financial data were the keys to understanding the health of a business.  After struggling to get information about her own business, she realized her mission was to help others wrestle with the difficult and daunting job of understanding where their money goes and how to manage it.  As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, she started AMS Office Solutions in 2006 and has been helping small and midsize businesses use their financial data as a tool and not just a way to file taxes. 

Learn more about Annette and AMS Office Solutions

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