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What are You GRATEFUL For?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

It is Thanksgiving eve – how grateful are you feeling? As I reflected on the year here are a few of my top picks for why I am so Grateful.

1. Family – this past summer was frankly a little scary for my family. My Grandmother (the one and only I still have on this earth with me) faced some medical emergencies and throughout the months of July & August I found myself in my hometown to be close and help. I am incredibly thankful that she pulled through and is thriving. And a little more than a month ago we got to celebrate her 85th! I am So, So, So grateful I was able to spend time with her during her recovery and that I still have this amazing woman in my life.

2. Progress – I have been making progress on the courses, masterminds and other services I offer through my business. Plus, I have steadily worked toward launching a real coaching business. So often in the past I was focused on “perfection”. During the year I have made some major mindset shifts toward recognizing and celebrating Progress itself. I am Grateful as I know this mindset shift will make a huge difference on my entrepreneurial path.

3. Travel Adventures – I am grateful that I have been able to have some travel adventures this year. Travel has always been a passion of mind (I once believed I was going to be a Travel Agent) and it feeds my soul. I was able to keep some plans and add new adventures. This fall I was blessed with time spent with friends at a conference, I got to work on my business at a conference in Dallas, TX and spend some time relaxing in Florida. The time afforded me to relax and renew was extremely valuable and I am thoroughly grateful for the experience.

I hope you will reflect over the next few days on what you are Grateful for AND share it with others. If you are still trying to decide what dessert to serve – try my family Pumpkin Bread Recipe which is a Favorite!

May you be blessed with a safe day.

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