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4 Ways to Make It Count Before Month-End

As you read this, I hope you're coming off a weekend that had at least one of the following pluses – you spent time with family & friends, did something you enjoyed or relaxed. Getting back into the groove on a Tuesday after a long holiday weekend is challenging enough, add in that you've got just 4 days to make it count before month-end and it might seem completely overwhelming. Here are four actions you can take during the four final days of the month to Make it Count. This is the challenge I am running this week with the members of my private Facebook community. If you want to join the challenge and Make it Count – join us here.

1. Ask for Help

How many of you are beginning this week with a huge list of things that really need to be completed before month-end? Whether it’s related to your personal or professional life most of us struggle in some way when it comes to asking for help. This is the simple truth – you will get more done if you have help. And a second truth - it’s not bad to need help. Authors are dedicating entire chapters to this issue (Rachel Hollis in Girl,Stop Apologizing). Your challenge today – ask for the help you need to get stuff done. Maybe it’s the clean-up after hosting the Memorial Day party, maybe it’s a spreadsheet or report, or maybe it’s simply something that you keep doing that others are completely capable and willing to do. Ask for help. The energy you save by not doing it all can be put to work accomplishing those tasks that only you can do.

2. Make a Connection

This year I have decided a main objective of mine is to make as many new connections as possible. This isn’t just one casual meeting, but a real connection resulting from real time spent. Where’s the pile of cards from your last networking event? Have you made any real quality connections with those that you exchanged cards with? How about the person that you know could make a difference in your business? Have you connected with them yet? A big part of making each day count is to not let opportunities slip away. Who's the one connection you need to make to move forward?

How about on the personal side? Have you spent time making a connection or solidifying one with a friend or family member? Have you (like me) noticed that it requires a concerted effort to make a connection even with those closest to us when we have to compete with devices? You may have just experienced this over the holiday weekend. It is worth the effort. The connections we create over our lifetime improve the quality of our lives. Whether it's a new connection or one that you want to strengthen – make that a priority on day 2 of that last four days of the month.

3. Ask the BIG Ask

Are you ready to be bold? We are about to end the fifth month of the year and if you’ve been holding back – now is the time to start overcoming your fears. What’s the BIG Ask that has been hanging out there? That life-altering ask. The appointment with a change-maker. Asking an organization to partner with your business. Asking for the funding you need to take your business to the next level or to create your product. Asking for the support you need to go back to school. Asking for the pay raise or the promotion.

Over the month of April, I was challenged to make an unreasonable request each day. The point was to go BIG; stop playing small and ask boldly without the expectation of getting a yes, every time or maybe not even at all. The days I did it well – I felt unstoppable. I challenge you to go BIG and Bold one day before the end of this month and keep going.

4. Do The Scary Thing

The last day of the month is normally wildly crazy, so why not do the scary thing? Maybe you feel the last few days (if you have completed items 1-3 of this list – one each day for the last 3 days) have been scary enough. It’s quite possible that asking for help, making a connection and asking the Big Ask are about as scary as you think it can get. Why spend one more day doing something highly uncomfortable – to Make It Count. Many have said that life begins outside of your comfort zone and Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged us to “do one thing every day that scares you”.

This is when you dig deep and really go for it. What's something you can do on the last day of the month that could change your life or your business? Make the phone call, knock on the door, or visit the prospect? Maybe it’s finally committing to your dream with no Plan B. Maybe it’s saying YES to something for yourself that also means you say NO to someone else’s need. It could look like You finally choosing YOU.

If not now, then when? You make it count by not having regrets about how you spent your hours. Make it Count this week! As a reminder, the actions I discussed are the same you will find in the challenge I'm running this week with the members of my private Facebook community. If you want to join the challenge and Make it Count – join us here.

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