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3 Boosts To Help You Live YOUR Best Life

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

How are you doing on that – Living YOUR Best Life? It’s definitely a goal we have. Here’s the Truth - You will have moments of struggle, obstacles & setbacks – We ALL Do – It’s part of the process.

Ask any “successful” person if it was easy and they will tell you it was work. We need to work on ourselves. John C. Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile is uphill”. As we are climbing uphill, we need to have support that will provide us with a real advantage or boost. The boosts that many don’t explore. The 3 Boosts that I have taken advantage of and know they work are the ones I want you to explore as you journey uphill. The 3 Boosts To Help You Live YOUR Best Life can be leveraged for a reason, a season or over a lifetime.

The first Boost (let’s just call it the elephant in the room) is Therapy. I am not a Therapist, this is not the service I provide, however there was a reason and season of my life that I needed the help of a licensed professional to help me heal from an unhealthy relationship. It’s my truth. Don't let the fear of what others will think keep you from healing yourself. Healing a heart & mind takes time. This type of work on ourselves strengthens our foundation and the core of who we are as we work to survive an event or season of our life.

The second Boost is a Mentor. You can have mentors that are in your life for a Season, Reason or Lifetime. They have gone before you, can help guide you in your career, provide advice and support you. The Mentor/Mentee relationship usually results in a win/win. In my career, I benefited from some amazing mentors and in turn I have mentored others. In Sheryl Sandberg’s iconic book Lean In she writes in the chapter “Are You My Mentor?” about Oprah’s take on Mentoring – Oprah explained “I mentor when I see something and I say ‘I want to see that grow’”. If you want a mentor – start doing the work- and the perfect mentor might find you. If your organization offers a mentor through a formal program – take advantage of it. Consider joining an organization that offers mentors. Your mentor is out there – get with them and they will support you as you strive to Live YOUR Best Life.

The third Boost is a Coach. You have a Reason for a Coach – You are Ready to exchange excuses for possibility. You need solutions for problems. You want to achieve a goal faster than you would alone. You want Real Change and Transformation. You want to leverage proven techniques and have a clear strategy. It’s Work. Coaching will Help You Thrive. I’ve coached for many years as a leader within an organization. Now I’m a certified coach. There is nothing better for me than seeing a client get clear, transform & experience joy as the result of exceeding a big goal. Coaching has been a life-changer for me, it can do the same for you. “A good coach can change the game, a great coach can change a life” – John Wooden.

If you desire to Live YOUR Best Life, You’ll have to do the work AND you Will get there much faster by leveraging these 3 boosts.

The Best Way to know if Coaching is for you is to Experience It. This month I am offering an opportunity to do just that if you are Ready for Real Change. Schedule a complimentary 90-Minute Coaching Experience With Me HERE.

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