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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Have you ever noticed that some people appear to be lucky in life? Outside of lottery winners and professional gamblers, do we really know what a person does before they appear to have “Luck”?

We all want to be “lucky”. I never pass up an opportunity to buy a raffle ticket or participate in a 50/50. I know some that play the same lottery numbers every week hoping for the big prize.

John C. Maxwell offers the following formula in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth:

Preparation(growth)+ Attitude + Opportunity + Action (doing something about it) = LUCK.

Preparation (Growth) – What are you doing to continually grow and develop yourself?

Are you developing yourself so that you are ready with the necessary skills if opportunity comes knocking? Innovation stems from what we acquire from outside of ourselves – exposing our brains to new information. If we don’t grow we won’t know.

Attitude – Are you positive? Be a creator of positive energy. Do you have an abundance mindset? Do you work with others to achieve the greater things in life? You might have seen a saying that “Attitude is Everything”. It might not be everything, but it is a huge part of success!

Opportunity –Do you believe there are opportunities? Do you see possibilities? If you have not done the growth work or have a positive attitude, you may never see that an opportunity is right in front of you.

Action – Do you have a bias towards action? Do you seize opportunities? It comes down to that final step. We can have all the knowledge in the world, be a positive energy force and see the possibilities around us; BUT if we never get out the door, on the phone, or off our behind – we won’t achieve what others see as “LUCK”.

Last year – I had the pleasure of seeing Ireland. Absolutely Beautiful Green that goes on for miles. My tour visited the Cliffs of Moher and we were blessed with a beautiful day !

(I learned that the green comes from nearly 300 days of rain each year and never too cold or too hot temps) To get to the top of the cliffs for the view, we first had to climb a couple of pretty steep hills – but definitely worth the effort. Just as in life we don’t get the great views without some work!

Work the formula for “Luck” in your own life!

“Everything worthwhile is Uphill”

– John C. Maxwell

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