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DREAMS. What are your dreams (aka aspirations)? Are you following them? Do you share them? Have you achieved them? Have you let them go?

When we are young - dreams are encouraged. As we get older and become responsible, many times we are encouraged to suppress or give up our dreams as they are unrealistic and "pie in the sky". Imagine what would have happened if great inventors from our past or the innovators of the present had not pursued their dreams.

Today we are celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. He shared his dream of equality nearly 55 years ago in August 1963. It required great bravery and in the end resulted in great sacrifice for MLK to communicate his dream.

In the last year, many have found their voice again, especially around what they dream of relative to Equality. We all have dreams. What's yours? What do you really, really want out of life? What is the passion that gives you energy and defines your purpose?

I encourage each of you to take time before this first month of the new year ends and determine your dream. Be Intentional. Share it. Give it legs. Work it. Sacrifice for it.

It is your dream and you alone can do the work to realize its beauty.

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