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Tips to Design Your New Year

On this first day of 2018, planning is essential to design the year you want. The core theme of each tip is to be intentional – do it on purpose! To have the year we really want we must act and not let the year happen to us. I hope these tips help you design 2018 – and make it the best year ever.

1. Set SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, Timed)

This is a basic concept taught by most leadership and business professionals.You will be more effective if you have set goals. Start with the annual goal and chunk it down to daily bites.Many also endorse putting it in first person and use action verbs.Example: “I read 60 minutes per day to learn and grow”

2. Find your Source of Energy. When we take the time to energize ourselves or recharge our battery, we are more effective in meeting our goals, have better relationships with our family & friends and are more successful at work. This could be as simple as getting up from our desk and walking around the office to engage with others, taking a lunch time walk or listening to our favorite music. Find your source of energy and put time in your schedule to recharge and energize.

3. Celebrate small victories and milestone achievement. Because you have chunked down your annual goals to those bite sized bits, celebrate when you achieve those small victories. This goes a long way to energize you and keep momentum toward the bigger goals. If you are a leader, be sure to lead the way in celebration – find ways to make it special and unique to keep your team motivated and inspired to continue onward and upward.

4. Create efficiencies with Processes NOT People. If you can find a way to eliminate an unnecessary step or meeting – do so in the new year. Engage others and be open to new ways to become more efficient. Time saved by process improvement can be reallocated effectively by spending more time on team-building or relationship building with family, employees or clients.

5. Find Relationship Building Time. Whether you can use found time as discussed in step 4 or you carve out the time in your schedule. Be more intentional with strengthening relationships or creating new relationships in the new year. People will remember how you made them feel. If you take time to focus on others, your year will be much more satisfying, successful and joy filled.

6. Do at least one new thing every month. Incorporating variety wherever you can inspires creativity and innovation. We will never achieve the next best thing by doing the same things we have always done. The first step of creativity is deciding what the new thing might be. This could be as simple as trying new food, checking out a new town or city or a new outdoor adventure.

7. De-clutter and Get Organized. We are more likely to focus on the future if we are not distracted by the past. Personally, the pile of laundry or paper is a huge distraction and enables procrastination. Simplify where you can to stay focused.

8. Learn something New about yourself or the world every day. Read a book, listen to a podcast or go to a local museum. It’s just that simple – choose to grow.

9. Work from your Values and Passion Zone. Get in touch with what is most important to you and what you are most passionate about. You will naturally excel if you are in the zone.

10. Find a planner that works for you or design your own. However you organize your day, week, month or year – do it. Find or create a tool which ensures you execute your well-designed year!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2018 filled with memorable moments, joy and success the way you define it!

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