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Two years ago I first heard someone saying the phrase "Jump and Grow your Wings on the Way Down". My initial response was "no way" and a lot of "what ifs". What I realized was that I needed a push to even consider, let alone pursue my dreams.

It is very easy to get comfortable with the status quo - it does not require any work. I had been "comfortable" for a long time, but I was not fulfilled. As I reflect, there were clear signs that I had been looking for something and needed change for quite awhile. I made a decision to become more intentional about my growth and as a result I started to grow. Imagine that! I began participating in Masterminds and made a major decision to go back to school and acquire my MBA. I am still on my growth journey and will never stop; because when I stop growing, I stop living. Now I help others make the Jump into life by growth. I challenge each reader to get outside of their comfort zone where life begins and LEAP!

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