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Next Cohort Winter 2024

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A Masterclass for Women
to leap into your new leadership role & successfully navigate changing the conversation, winning respect, and gaining buyin from your team.

  • Online Self-Paced Course including 5 Modules covering all you need in your Leap2Leadership!

  • Online Community

  • Level Up to Participate in the Monthly Virtual Leadership Lab by JennQuest  for 12 months.  

  • Level Up Again to Receive Two 60-Minute 1:1 Leadership Coaching Sessions with Jenn

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The JennQuest Annual Planning Event hosted by Jenn Montague is a Working Session that allows you to do work around Your Vision for 2022, Time Management, Determining Your Best Yes, Identifying your Career & Leadership Activities, Financial Planning & Budgeting and Marketing and Self-Promotion.   Receive a Workbook, Downloadable Planning Sheets and Spreadsheets.  Our biggest challenge with planning is not making the time - Carve out these highly productive 3.5 hours to create your 2022 Plan for only $57!  

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Pay What You Can

Enjoy this collection of Personal & Professional Growth Lessons at a price you determine.   Sessions were recorded live virtual events from 2019 & 2020. Some sessions will include bonus materials and worksheets.  Payment for this type of resource ranges from $27-$157. We recommend you choose an amount that will inspire you to show up and do the work. 

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