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ShowUp2Grow for Organizations

Onsite & Virtual Solutions

My Team is Ready to ShowUp2Grow!

Why Should your Team Grow NOW?

New Day, New Team

Know that you're intentionally developing the best version of your team. Finally take the steps that will change the results.

Seek Extraordinary

Open yourself up to exploring all options and decide to seize the opportunities which will get you & your team closer to Extraordinary.   

Choose Your Path

The first step toward achieving great success is rejecting the status quo and finding real momentum. Find the courage to stretch your team and choose your path.

Are the members of your TEAM exceeding goals and Maximizing their Potential?

If you Answered YES - The FEEL GOOD is that you know you're providing the opportunities for maximum growth and finding great success.

Let's celebrate with a BIG WooHoo! 


OR You may be experiencing some of the symptoms when your people are not taking initiative; feeling stuck, plateaued, bored or have accepted the status quo.  None of which is moving them or the organization forward.

Are you ready to seize an opportunity

to take them to a new level of performance? 

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Hi!   I'm Jenn Montague


My FEEL GOOD, "I know I am in my gift zone" is when I am helping others reach their greatest potential.  My greatest gift is helping others design the career and life they have imagined.   

After actively participating in Masterminds, I have been able to achieve more satisfaction in my work than I had ever imagined and got on a focused path to realizing my dreams. 


My style is to guide others in self-discovery by asking questions and digging deep to go beyond the surface cracks of life's "opportunities".   

Like so many of you, I have attended an abundance of workshops, career advancement training sessions and self-improvement events (some good and some not so good).   What I found is there is a secret sauce that ensures growth events have a lasting positive impact on our lives.  


I came to some conclusions about the secret sauce of a session that delivers lasting impact.

  • An Opportunity to Interact is required  - without connecting with the other participants, you won't get the benefit

  • Participants must be Like-Minded -  Participants must be on a similar path with similar desires and purpose

  • The Leader has to go below the surface and challenge the participants to get out of their comfort zone

  • It has to be more than one moment one day or one week to produce real growth

  • Everyone has to show up and do the work - the leader & each participant must be committed to the process 

Engage Jenn to get Your TEAM 

Learning and Growing towards their Greatest Potential

& Achieving the EXTRAORDINARY!  

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Engagement Options


  • Onsite* or Virtual
  • Onsite up to 10 Participants / Virtual up to 15 Participants  
  • 5 to 10 One-to-Two Hour Sessions
  • Deep Dive into a Growth or Leadership Resource developed by John C. Maxwell / The John Maxwell TEAM.


  • Onsite*
  • Up to 15 Participants
  • 1 to 5  Two-Hour Sessions
  • Informative Session(s) on a Growth or Leadership Topic catered to your audience and designed to meet your need.  

On average businesses spend thousands of dollars annually to send employees to one-day workshops or multi-day conferences and then...NO Change Occurs

Or you can invest in a series of sessions with implementation time built in To Produce REAL Change.

My Team is Ready to ShowUp2Grow!


“Improvement from Growth is the only Guarantee that Tomorrow will be Better”.

                                                                                 ~ John C. Maxwell

© Copyright JennQuest 2018-2021

Our Promise:

We promise to be direct, supportive and answer your team's questions to the best of our knowledge to deepen their skills and build their confidence.  We will be honest and ask questions as well as make observations based on our experience.  Any information shared is not meant to replace your policies and procedures, but rather share with your team our life and leadership lessons. 


Each organization and every participant is unique.   We will deliver value and share proven techniques,however implementation of trained techniques are the responsibility of the participant and organization.  Our work together is not a substitute for professional counseling, medical advice or legal advice. 


Cancellation and Early Termination:

Once enrolled we have reserved this space for you.   Event reservations require a 25% Non-refundable Reservation fee.  Cancellation must occur at Minimum 30 days prior to the scheduled event for a  75% refund of the fees paid.  Cancellations less than 15 days prior to the event will receive a Maximum Refund of 25% of the fees paid.  

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