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Social+Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program

SEI Coaching begins with an assessment of S+EI skills. We use the most comprehensive S+EI assessment instrument on the market today, the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile®. This gives us immediate insights into your strengths and potential development needs when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, allowing us to target the most important areas for development first.


Once we have identified strengths and development opportunities in S+EI, we work with you to create a development plan for strengthening your social and emotional intelligence. Over the course of several sessions (and a complete S+EI coaching program can run six months or more), we provide our clients with worksheets, tip sheets and all the tools they need to accelerate their own self-awareness, their awareness of others (and their potential impact on others), as well as the tools they need to manage their social and emotional and behavioral responses in challenging situations.

Our Six Months Together

During Our Six Months We'll Spend 15 Hours 1:1

Getting Started 

We'll get to know a little more about you through a detailed questionnaire.  We'll explore  your Strengths & Opportunities identified through the Social+Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)®.  We'll begin with two 90-Minute sessions looking at the results, identify a strategy and create a personal development plan together.


Deep Dives

Each Month we'll meet for a Deep Dive.  These sessions occur virtually for 90 Minutes.  During this time we'll review your progress, discuss & define challenges, generate & evaluate possibilities and provide guidance to you.  


Laser Coaching 

Each Month you'll have the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute session to tackle an emergent matter.  We'll get laser focused on one topic.  As a Leader you know there are always emergent matters - let me help you.   If your Laser Coaching session is not needed during the month - it can be carried over or combined for additional Deep Dive time.  

Unlimited Email Support

During Your Six Months, You may contact me via email as much as you need to.  There's no reason to stockpile questions until we meet.  Let's tackle the quick questions to get you refocused on creating your masterpiece!

Discount On Courses & Programs

You'll receive a 15% discount on all Courses, Workshops & Masterminds offered by Jenn Montague or JennQuest for 1 Year.  Please email to request your personalized discount code.

Book a 75-Minute Complimentary Experience to see
if SEI Coaching is for You.  

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