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Facilitated by

Jenn Montague 

John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Add Value at    Your NEXT   Leadership Team Meeting!  

The Leadership Game Value

All Participants are Actively Engaged
Ideas and Suggestions are Generated
Play Results in Individual and Team Growth
Improves Communication & Promotes Understanding

As a leader I was always looking for the best way for my team to learn &

grow together AND make our time together as a team more meaningful.   

The Leadership Game is the solution if you're looking for the same.

~ Jenn Montague


“Jenn did an excellent job of getting the group to commit to ideas and put concrete times/dates together” 

—  Anonymous - Survey Response

To Enjoy the Best Experience:  

Have a Large Group?  
Contact me to discuss.  
The Leadership Game is facilitated at your location for up to
12 participants (works best with an even-number of participants)
3 hours should be scheduled for set-up, play time,
debrief, & take-down

Contact Me to Schedule Your 

FREE Pre-Game Discovery Session

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What You Get as the Leader 

Identified Team Strengths & Gaps

Increased Individual & Team Awareness

Leadership Skill Development

A More Engaged Team

Benefits of a Mini-Strategy Session



1 Session


Up to 12 Participants 
Game Facilitation
In-Person Debrief 
Written Summary of Findings  

2 Sessions


Invest in Your Team Today!  

*Pricing for onsite sessions within 100 miles of Evansville Indiana.  

Sessions outside this radius will include an additional fee for travel expenses.

Still Not Sure?

 Watch and Learn More

Contact Me to Schedule Your 

FREE Pre-Game Discovery Session

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Make Your Next Team Meeting

One  They Won't Forget!  

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Our Promise:

We promise to be direct, supportive and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge to deepen your skills and build your confidence.  We will be honest and ask questions as well as make observations based on our leadership experience.  Our work together is not a substitute for professional counseling, medical advice or legal advice. 

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