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JennQuest provides training and coaching services to help take your business to the next level. Whether you’re an individual seeking growth or a business looking for a solution for your organization, JennQuest is ready to help!

We solve problems like: 

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Learn more about the services JennQuest provides below: 

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JennQuest offers individual and group coaching opportunities. Jenn Montague is a certified member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team.


Our three coaching programs are: 

  • Executive Coaching

  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Women’s Leadership Coaching 


Click to learn more about how our coaching programs can improve the quality of leadership within your organization. 

Jenn Montague is a Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach® by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®.


Emotional intelligence training can increase your profits and improve the culture of your organization. Learn more about what social + emotional intelligence training can do for you and your organization here. 

Social + Emotional Intelligence