A True Inspirational Leader has many traits that contribute to who they are and why they inspire others. I have decided to pick my top 3 traits.

How are you doing on that – Living YOUR Best Life?  It’s definitely a goal we have.  Here’s the Truth - You will have moments of struggle, obstacles & setbacks – We ALL Do – It’s part of the process. 

Ask any “successful” person if it was easy and they will tell you it was work.  We need to work on ourselves.  John C. Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile is uphill”.    As we are climbing uphill, we need to have support that will provide us with a real advantage or boost.  The boosts that man...

It is Thanksgiving eve – how grateful are you feeling?  As I reflected on the year here are a few of my top picks for why I am so Grateful. 

1.  Family – this past summer was frankly a little scary for my family.  My Grandmother (the one and only I still have on this earth with me) faced some medical emergencies and throughout the months of July & August I found myself in my hometown to be close and help.  I am incredibly thankful that she pulled through and is thriving.  And a little more than a...

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The 3 Best Traits of an Inspirational Leader

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