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Today is a Good Day to Intentionally Grow

It's YOUR Day, Make it a Masterpiece!


P.O. Box 8028

Evansville IN 47716


© 2017-2020 JennQuest LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Today is a Good Day to Intentionally Grow

It's YOUR Day, Make it a Masterpiece!


P.O. Box 8028

Evansville IN 47716


Unlock the Door

to VIP 

And Grow

to Reach YOUR

Greatest Potential

We're all on a quest to become the best version of ourselves. 

As an IGC VIP Member you'll have the opportunity

to Grow with others & Grow faster!

Imagine Yourself

12 Months from Now...

Will You Be Saying

"This is my life. It’s Amazing. I’m so blessed.

This year was Fabulous. I've Grown so much.

I've Exceeded My Goals!"


"How did I get here? What went Wrong?

This year was the Worst.  I'm still Stuck

I missed the mark on so many goals."

Say YES to an Amazing Life & Fabulous Year where you've Grown & Exceeded Goals

and Belong to a Community of Women who Support & Cheer YOU! 


Primary IGC VIP Benefits:


LIVE VIP Only Group Coaching Session Each Month

via Zoom (Value $1200). Pick from 2 day/time options for a 1 hour Group Coaching Session with Jenn and other VIP Members.  Get clear on your focus for the next month, share progress, get feedback and make progress through accountability.

One 90-Minute 1:1 Strategy Session with Jenn Montague 

via Zoom Each Year* (Value $300).  Discuss your dreams and goals with Jenn to set your annual focus and identify the goals you'll achieve as a member of IGC VIP.

10% Discount on other Programs Offered

by Jenn Montague or JennQuest*  (Value $10, $100 & much more).  Programs include Masterminds, Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and online courses.  You'll save far more than your annual investment in the IGC VIP when you enroll in other programs to help you achieve your goals and grow to reach your greatest potential.  

More IGC VIP Benefits:

  • LIVE Brown Bag Break Zoom Personal Growth Session Each Month (Value $500)

  • Unlimited Access to recordings of the monthly VIP Group Coaching & Brown Bag Break Sessions (Value $500)

  • Unlimited Access to recordings of Special Sessions & Training offered to the Intentional Growth Club Free Facebook Community (Value $300)

  • Opportunities to Participate in Pilot Programs at Reduced Rates

  • Goodies, Resources, Motivation and so much more!

Benefits  Easily Valued Over $3500! 

The VIP Community is where you'll find the lastest tools and treasures that I've created.  In my quest to help others achieve their greatest potential both personally and professionally I've built & built so that my toolbox has grown and now you can have access to these resources.  If you're looking for a low cost community that will help you get where you want to go - look no further!  

I've Made It Super Easy to Say YES!

Now is the BEST time to Get YOUR VIP Seat. 

I've opened the doors at an amazing discount.  Some may say it's absolutely crazy at this price when comparable programs are offered at $97, $297 or more monthly.  

I'm offering this reduced rate to the first 50 VIP Members

After the first 50 - these rates will be going, going, gone!   

Two Options to Join!






I get that even at these prices, not everyone is into a paid program. 

Until you're sure or ready - come hang out with me in my Free Facebook Group. 

When you do you'll still get access to some of the goodies

and the most recent Brown Bag Break Sessions.  


Whichever option you choose,


 It's YOUR Day, Make it a Masterpiece!   


Intentional Growth Club 

 A Facebook Community

that provides a space

to grow with like-minded

others who desire to reach

their greatest potential.

© Copyright JennQuest 2019-2020. All Rights Reserved.
 *Annual 90 Minute Strategy Session can be scheduled immediately following annual enrollment and after the 3rd monthly payment for monthly enrollees.   10% Discount becomes available after 3rd monthly payment for monthly enrollees. 

Our Promise:

We promise to be direct, supportive and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge to deepen your skills and build your confidence .  We will be honest and ask questions as well as make observations based on our experience.  Any information shared is not meant to replace your thinking in how to live or lead, but rather share with you our experiences and lessons.  Each participant is unique.   We will deliver value and share proven techniques, however implementation of trained techniques are the responsibility of the participant.  Our work together is not a substitute for professional counseling, medical advice or legal advice.